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NBA players terrorizing rec leagues the world over. 

Jace Lankow, the Arizona student who disrupted the UCLA-Arizona game Thursday, was charged with six felonies and could face 11/2 years in jail, the Tucson Citizen reported.

Lankow, dressed as a referee, blew a whistle and ran in from the sideline with four seconds left in the half. He attempted to take the ball from a real official, then ran while disrobing, getting down to his underwear before security tackled him.

Lankow ran for 38 yards. UCLA rushed for 37 in the game.

—Chris Foster, LA Times

To Err Is To Be A Raider QB

Boller, and Palmer combined to be 15 of 35 for 177 yards with 6 picks, and 0 touchdowns. They also had a COMBINED passer rating of 39.6. Boller - 17.3, and Palmer - 12.3. 

Pac 12 Teams as 2012 Presidential Candidates

Arizona-Herman Cain
Both have one thing really going for them, Nick Foles, and a pizza empire. Unfortunately, that’s about it. Fortunately, Arizona has basketball season to look forward to, and Cain has millions and millions of dollars.

Arizona State-Rick Santorum
If you Google either of their names, you’ll probably end up looking at really gross porn. Coming into this year both fan bases somehow disillusioned themselves into thinking this year would be different. Instead it is just a frothy mix of penalties, debate gaffes, and disappointment at the hands of people from Illinois.

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Scumbag Rick Meme #2

Scumbag Rick Meme #2

Punting Is Winning…

—Rick Neuheisal

Scumbag Rick Meme

Scumbag Rick Meme